Self-Care is Biblical

My seminary does, in comparison to many, a rare job of caring for the emotional well being of its students. That being said, one astronomical shortcoming across the board in subcultures like ours (evangelicalism; vocational ministry; higher education–all to which seminary communities belong) is the pride we take in running ourselves into the ground. Our community is no exception here.

Maybe it’s a part of Christianity’s collective martyr complex. Maybe it’s a rally cry against supposed millennial dawdling. In any case, we’re getting a lot of mixed signals. We’re told to put our spiritual health first, but we get scoffed at if we aren’t pulling 50+ hour work weeks. The reality is that taking care of yourself ISN’T about you. It’s about situating yourself to serve people better. And it’s about taking a step back from a cultural lie–one that pursues two handfuls with toil over one handful with peace.

Check out this article by Whitney Bunker on Self Talk the Gospel.


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