About the Author

Jacob Reynold Jones

My personal blog features an eclectic collection of thoughts on a variety of topics. Aside from being a personal expression space, I also use my blog to engage in culture conversation via social media.

It’s important to care deeply about people—to navigate relationships with empathy and nuance. It’s important to be honest about who we are, and to share our experience truthfully.

It’s also important to play.

This blog is a space to do all of that—imperfectly and together.

Posts range from Serious to Shower Thoughts.

Jacob Reynold Jones is a teacher, business manager, and content creator in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He studies media arts and culture at Dallas Theological Seminary. Jacob’s content aims to bridge cultural gaps and address social questions through collaborative creativity. His writing grapples with intersections between science, theology, culture, psychology, and art.

Visit my content writing homepage and learn more: http://www.JacobReynoldJones.com