Shameless: Season 8

Shameless Season 8 was a strong, organic chapter in the series. It lacked the gut punches of previous seasons–but at this point in the narrative, I think that’s exactly what the show called for. The Gallaghers have been at a steady climb to better themselves, and it’s nice to see them earn a few good wins. Letting them sit on a ledge for a bit is also great setup to make future conflicts more meaningful than gratuitous.
That’s the great thing about this show: decisions have consequences, and those reverberations for good or ill are felt for years. It’s part of what makes the series so binge-watchable. The entire season felt like payoff for the last four years of story. Viewers got to catch their breath this season, with a fluid, rewarding season finale. I’m really excited for where season 9 takes the fam! I love watching redemptive themes play out on the screen, and that’s what Shameless is all about.

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